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College Football Statistics 1869-1936

My personal journey back to the 1869 season--college foot ball's inaugural campaign--began during the 1991 season.

The trek through my library on the game's history would begin by going through respective school's histories; media guides--conference and school, line-by-line, page-by-page...not once, but numerous times; recording any and everything that even closely remotely would mention statistical accomplishments before the 1937 season.

Also,  additional publications and inter-library loan of books were of tremendous help, as well.

Official NCAA statistics began in 1937; thanks to Homer Cooke.

Before this time, colleges  kept game accounts, loosely, if at all.

Parke H. Davis, a former lineman at Princeton (1889-92); and would later coach three schools before 1900; became the sport's official historian on the game's formative fall

​His book, Football: The Intercollegiate Game would cover many of the key games of the Formative Falls; and thus, would serve as the documentation of the accomplishments--including games that he would play in, or officiate or coach.

RELENTLESS PURSUIT...for the next 18 years, I would continue my search; regardless of what was happening in my life...I was on a mission--the longest of any during my years of compiling college football-related work.

I will do my best to post at least player game-season-career standards along with useful team stats and meaningful content.