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College football statistics have been a vital part of my life since I was 19 years old...41 years later, they are more than it has ever been.

My findings cover various stats: such as Teams scoring 500 or more points in a season--along with various compilations that support this accomplishment. Other interests include National Champions; coaches and for the better part of 18 years, I researched college football stats that covers the 1869-1936 (and 1937 postseason). The findings were in a twice-published book, and now in database form and much as possible on these pages as well.

The book was titled: Stars of an Earlier Autumn, aka Stars or Stars-era when including the just mentioned seasons. These stats have not been found in one place prior to the first publishing. A great deal of the content was new to readers, historians, authors, researchers and fans alike...and to myself.

Just because the book is no longer in print, doesn't mean that the search for new, different or even replacement numbers has come to a halt...on the contrary, I can't find enough on them...and when I do, I will share with the visitors of this website. 

Statistics covered in these pages, will come from as many seasons and divisions--as it takes to complete the project.


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